First foals start to arrive at Green Lantern Farm

11 Feb 2018

   The first crop of foals both conceivced and delivered at Green Lantern Farm began to arrive when a daughter of Street Boss out of Andariel was born on January 26.  This is a special foal for two reasons.  First is the fact that this mating "lights up ther tote board" using the G1 Goldmine 4x4 matrix for mating analysis.  The mating is so good on paper we are sending the mare back to Street Boss.

   But even more importantly, this is the fastest we have ever seen a foal stand up and nurse in all our years in the breeding business.  As soon as the mare stood up, the foal stood up on the first try and walked over and started nursing, also on the first try.  Let's hope she's not just smart, but fast too!