All Horses

Name Sire Dam YOF

Delizia Distant View Felidia 2000


Souviens Toi (GB) 15 Oasis Dream Souviens Toi (GB) 2015
Sea Level Drive 15 Stormy Atlantic Sea Level Drive 2015
Ender's Sister 15 Distorted Humor Ender's Sister 2015
Zeenut 15 Run Away and Hide Zeenut 2015
Angels in Arms 15 Run Away and Hide Angels in Arms 2015
Wicked Mizz 15 Lemon Drop Kid Wicked Mizz 2015
Shadow Giant 15 To Honor and Serve Shadow Giant 2015
Destiny Calls '15 (90%) Orb Destiny Calls 2015
Gotta Have Her 15 Tapit Gotta Have Her 2015
Annabelly 15 Artie Schiller Annabelly 2015
Delizia 15 Paynter Delizia 2015
Royal Emblem 15 Artie Schiller Royal Emblem (SAF) 2015
Gold Rush Queen 15 Malibu Moon Gold Rush Queen 2015


Shadow Giant 11 (El Nino Terrible) Malibu Moon Shadow Giant 2011
Darling Mambo 11 (Dyker Heights) Candy Ride Darling Mambo 2011
Gold Rush Queen 11 (Hard Rush) Hard Spun Gold Rush Queen 2011
Apache Canyon 11 (Waitin on the Boss) Exchange Rate Apache Canyon 2011
Irridescence 11 (Hay Oats and Water) Dynaformer Irridescence (SAF) 2011
Ender's Sister 12 (Tiz Shea D)) Tiznow Ender's Sister 2012
Gingham and Lace 12 (50%) Indian Charlie Gingham and Lace 2012
Gotta Have Her 12 Medaglia D'Oro Gotta Have Her 2012
Song of the Saints 12 Afleet Alex Song of the Saints 2012
Lakenheath 12 (The Truth or Else) Yes It's True Lakenheath 2012
Darling Sky Sky Mesa Darling Mambo 2012
Shadow Giant 12 (Florida Shadow) Bellamy Road Shadow Giant 2012
Prospectors Moon Malibu Moon Gold Rush Queen 2012
Lavigne 12 Tale of the Cat Lavigne 2012
Summer Colony 12 Quality Road Summer Colony 2012
Annabelly 12 (Faustino) Bertrando Annabelly 2012
Perfect d'Oro Medagila'd'Oro Irridescence (SAF) 2012
Apache Canyon 12 First Defence Apache Canyon 2012
Classy Touch 14 First Defence Classy Touch 2014
Sea Level Drive 14 Harlan's Holiday Sea Level Drive 2014
Dragon Army Giant's Causeway Ender's Sister 2014
Zeenut 14 Divine Park Zeenut 2014
Delizia 14 More Than Ready Delizia 2014
Gotta Have Her 14 War Front Gotta Have Her 2014
Gold Rush Queen 14 To Honor and Serve Gold Rush Queen 2014
Apache Canyon 14 Pioneerof the Nile Apache Canyon 2014
Lakenheath 14 Yes It's True Lakenheath 2014
Leaning Tower 14 Speightstown Leaning Tower 2014
Wicked Mizz 14 Exchange Rate Wicked Mizz 2014
Darling Mambo 14 Candy Ride (ARG) Darling Mambo 2014


Mint Chip Johar Leaning Tower 2007
Keystroke Songandaprayer Annabelly 2008
Exothermic Empire Maker Irridescence (SAF) 2009
Ender Knievel Distorted Humor Ender's Sister 2009
Dark Nebula Exchange Rate Pure Glitter 2009
Diminutive Candy Ride Striking Distance 2009
Tightly Wound Hard Spun Gen Corp Purposes 2009
Tiu Afleet Alex Song of the Saints 2010
Telic Street Cry London Bid 2010
J Jett Bernstein Lavigne 2010
Dahteste Majestic Warrior Apache Canyon 2010
A.P. Indian Indian Charlie Enders Sister 2010
Coefficient Grand Slam So Probable 2010
Liberty Wing Bernstein Lakenheath 2010
Fed Up Fired Up English Channel Royal Emblem (SAF) 2013
Aqua Teen Street Cry London Bid 2013
Annie O'Schiller Artie Schiller Annabelly 2013
Ansible Street Sense Chief's Honey 2012
Tetrad Malibu Moon London Bid 2012
Carrington Event Street Boss Escadar 2013
Avendesora Majesticperfection You'renotlistening 2013
Taurine Flatter Fight to Love 2013


Gold Rush Queen Seeking the Gold Fit for a Queen 1994
Leaning Tower Theatrical Valse Musette 1996
Apache Canyon Gulch Navarra 1997
Lakenheath Colonial Affair November Breeze 1998
Annabelly Royal Academy Crissy Aya 2000
Royal Emblem (SAF) National Emblem (SAF) Kazatzka 2001
Ender's Sister A. P. Indy Gold Rush Queen 2001
Irridescence (SAF) Caesour Meretricious (SAF) 2001
Gingham and Lace (50%) Kris S In The Till 2001
Song of the Saints Saint Ballado Prospector's Song 2002
Lavigne Dynaformer Doppio Espresso
Darling Mambo Broad Brush Honestly Darling 2004
Gotta Have Her Royal Academy Winnowing 2004
London Bid Rainbow Quest Islington (IRE) 2005
Shadow Giant Giant's Causeway Gold Rush Queen 2005
Wicked Mizz Mizzen Mast Wickedly Wise 2009
Zeenut Mingun Royal Emblem (SAF) 2008
Gem Mint Johar Leaning Tower 2008
Sea Level Drive Malibu Moon Rose Frances 2008
Hive Queen Shakespeare Sunlit Silence 2009
Tmesis Tapit Tjinouska 2010
Consign Dynaformer London Bid 2011
Summer Colony Summer Squall Probable Colony 1998
Ready Player One (95%) More Than Ready Beau Dare 2011
Queen Daenerys Street Sense Fitnah 2011
Stella Maker (95%) Empire Maker Stella Blue 2011
Clever Beauty (95%) Indian Charlie Adorable and Smart 2011
Tapiteao Tapit Black Tea 2011
Skittle Bomb Giant's Causeway Bellini Sunrise 2011
Bee Brave (50%) Rail Link Swynford Pleasure
Miss Lucky Sevens Big Brown Fancy Clancy 2010
Empowerment Distorted Humor Summer Colony 2013
Angels In Arms Saint Liam Mayfield 2007
Classy Touch Maria"s Mon Flute 2008
Delizia Distant View Felidia (IRE) 2000
Destiny Calls (90%) With Approval Longue Vue 2000
Athenian (IRE) Acclamation (GB) Ziria (IRE) 2009
Gracia Directa (GER) Kyllachy (GB) Glyceria (IRE) 2008
Souviens Toi (GB) Dalakhani (IRE) Diavia 2009

Out of Training

Colgan's Chip Cee's Tizzy Leaning Tower 2005
Kruthen Indian Charlie Leaning Tower 2009
Krona Indian Charlie Leaning Tower 2010
Karelian Bertrando Leaning Tower 2002


Archetype (50%) Arch Christmas Pageant 2009
Fly Swiftly Northern Afleet Dark Rhythm 2010
Storm Watcher Stormy Atlantic Song of the Saints 2011
Torre di Pisa Tiznow Leaning Tower 2011
Ender's Sister 13 (Spun Gold) Hard Spun Ender's Sister 2013
Gem Mint 13 Mizzen Mast Gem Mint 2013
Gotta Have Her 13 Tapit Gotta Have Her 2013
Darling Mambo 13 City Zip Darling Mambo 2013
Leaning Tower 13 Smart Strike Leaning Tower 2013
Lakenheath 13 (Decorated Soldier) Proud Citizen Lakenheath 2013
Shadow Giant 13 Arch Shadow Giant 2013
Irridescence 13 Smart Strike Irridescence (SAF) 2013

Total: 121