All Horses

Name Sire Dam YOF


Arisia '20 Connect Arisia 2020
Gotta Have Her '20 Dialed In Gotta Have Her 2020
Ultimate Cause '20 City of Light Ultimate Cause 2020
Dragon Army '20 Street Sense Dragon Army 2020
Criminal Mischief '20 Gun Runner Criminal Mischief 2020
Clever Beauty '20 Empire Maker Clever Beauty 2020
Delizia '20 Goldencents Delizia 2020
Castellani '20 Kitten's Joy Castellani 2020
Arkanian '20 Twirling Candy Arkanian 2020
Taurine '20 Street Sense Taurine 2020
Auntie Joy '20 Medaglia d'Oro Auntie Joy 2020


Ender's Sister '19 Medaglia d'Oro Ender's Sister 2019
Taurine '19 Speightstown Taurine 2019
Athenian '19 Kitten's Joy Athenian (IRE) 2019
Dragon Army '19 Empire Maker Dragon Army 2019
Delphinia '19 Malibu Moon Delphinia 2019
Irridescence '19 Declaration of War Irridescence (SAF) 2019
Arkanian '19 Street Sense Arkanian 2019
Auntie Joy '19 Kitten's Joy Auntie Joy 2019
Dad's Princess '19 Quality Road Dad's Princess 2019
Andariel '19 Street Boss Andariel (IRE) 2019
Tetrad '19 Noble Mission (GB) Tetrad 2019
Gracia Directa '19 Super Saver Gracia Directa (GER) 2019
Obsequious '19 Liam's Map Obsequious 2019


Eareckson (GB) Oasis Dream (GB) Shemya (FR) 2016
Skole Oasis Dream (GB) Athenian (IRE) 2016
Curly Ruth Curlin Rutherienne 2017
Malthael Noble Mission (GB) Ender's Sister 2016
Dark Web Warrior's Reward Clever Beauty 2016
Barbara Gordon Commissioner Waltz With Chester 2017
Hollow Rock Speightstown Holy Heavens 2017
Obstinate Tiznow Switched Up 2017
Ravir Uncle Mo Rejoicing 2018
Thanozapper Ghostzapper Athenian (IRE) 2018
Merci Road Quality Road Gracia Directa (GER) 2018
Moonfire Super Saver Tetrad 2018
Tiz American American Pharoah Life Well Lived 2018
Midlaner Flatter Ansible 2018
Town Beauty Speightstown Clever Beauty 2018
Honorifique Honor Code Doubled 2018
Frostmourne Speightstown Leaning Tower 2014


Ender's Sister A. P. Indy Gold Rush Queen 2001
Irridescence (SAF) Caesour Meretricious (SAF) 2001
Gotta Have Her Royal Academy Winnowing 2004
Clever Beauty Indian Charlie Adorable and Smart 2011
Delizia Distant View Felidia (IRE) 2000
Athenian (IRE) Acclamation (GB) Ziria (IRE) 2009
Gracia Directa (GER) Kyllachy (GB) Glyceria (IRE) 2008
Ansible Street Sense Chief's Honey 2012
Tetrad Malibu Moon London Bid 2012
Taurine Flatter Fight to Love 2013
Dragon Army Giant's Causeway Ender's Sister 2014
Auntie Joy Uncle Mo Rejoicing 2013
Castellani Quality Road Seeking Atlantis 2012
Broken Bridle Broken Vow Wild Forest 2013
Ultimate Cause Giant's Causeway Supreme 2013
Criminal Mischief Into Mischief Sparky Three 2015
Dad's Princess Mineshaft Rooney's Princess 2012
Arkanian Distorted Humor Ender's Sister 2015
Beach Diva Malibu Moon Aristorcratic Lady 2015
Rill Giant's Causeway Seattle Smooth 2015
Arisia Declaration of War Gold Rush Queen 2016
Ameriel American Pharoah Mariel N Kathy 2017
Scat Maggie Scat Daddy Maggie d'Oro 2016

Out of Training

Colgan's Chip Cee's Tizzy Leaning Tower 2005
Kruthen Indian Charlie Leaning Tower 2009
A.P. Indian Indian Charlie Enders Sister 2010
Karelian Bertrando Leaning Tower 2002


Gold Rush Queen Seeking the Gold Fit for a Queen 1994
Leaning Tower Theatrical Valse Musette 1996
Annabelly Royal Academy Crissy Aya 2000
Summer Colony Summer Squall Probable Colony 1998
Destiny Calls With Approval Longue Vue 2000

Total: 73